Experience Stand Up Paddle Surf- the New Wave of Surfing

Escola Catalana de Surf (The Catalan School of Surfing) is offering you a unique opportunity to take to the waves of the Mediterranean. Stand Up Paddle Surf is an exhilarating new phenomenon that is taking the seas by storm, so why not join in the fun!

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What exactly is Stand Up Paddle Surf? It’s an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage, where it’s referred to as “Hoe he’e nalu”. Luckily you don’t need to know the technical lingo to give it a go. The concept is simply surfing with the help of a paddle. So it’s perfect if you’re lacking that little bit of confidence to take to the board alone.

Stand Up Paddle Stand Up Paddle Barcelona

Beginners start in gentle waters, making it a great opportunity to get in the sea and explore the great views and surroundings on the big, stable boards. However if you are eager to move onto the more adventurous side, you can jump on the passing waves, large or small, and ride them into the shore. It’s quite easy to get the hang of, so you may find yourself progressing more quickly than you thought.

The beauty about Stand Up Paddle Surf (or SUP) is that anyone regardless of age can take part and enjoy the experience. It’s not as physically demanding as surfing, although still a great workout – but you will be having far too much fun to realise this. If you are not at peak fitness, don’t worry, as you can take it all at you own pace.

Stand Up Paddle surfAll lessons are led by qualified FES (Spanish Surfing Federation) and ISA (International Surfing Association) instructors. What’s more, the price includes third-party insurance (Responsabilidad Civil). At two hours in length, each lesson is packed full with surfing fun and all equipment is provided (board, paddle and wetsuit).

In total, there three levels to Stand Up Surf:

• Beginner: For those wanting to learn but who have never experienced Stand Up Surf before.
• Basic Waves: The next level of progression, where the surfer begins to take to the waves.
• Advanced Waves: Building on a good base, the surfer perfects the different techniques required for different types of waves.

Surf’s up – see you on the waves!

clockOpening Hours

Subject to availability- to be organised directly with the instructor


Castellano English Catalan
Spanish, English, Catalan

euroPayment Methods

Practical lesson with a qualified instructor + hire of equipment: €50 / VAT included.
Payment is made in cash at the end of the lesson.
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Although lessons sometimes take place at Barceloneta beach, for a more enjoyable experience we recommend taking yours at Montgat beach, just 20 minutes away by train from Barcelona. Head out here to discover this beautiful and serene area, perfect for this type of activity.


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How to get there

Barceloneta beach: Take the Metro (Yellow) L4 to Barceloneta. You should speak to your instructor to organise an exact meeting point.

Montgat beach: Take the Renfe Rodalies R1 train from Plaça Catalunya, Sants, Arc de Triomf or Clot in the direction of end station Maçenet-Massanes. Stop at ‘Montgat Nord’, where someone will meet you to take you to your lesson.


When choosing between Barceloneta and Montgat beach, bear in mind that when the weather is warm, Barceloneta can be packed with people. Therefore if you want more space to manoeuvre, Montgat would be the better option. Whichever you choose, make sure you bring all your usual beach wear with you, such as swimming suit, towel, flip flops, sunglasses and sun cream.

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